Journey to Rote – Last Day at Keoen

10 April 2015

My last day in Rote was spent with wonderful people.

In the morning, after breakfast, mama at the my host family gave me a souvenir. A beautiful woven Rote’s shawl. I was so touched by their kindness and their willingness to open their house and their heart. Thank you mama & papa. May God bless you.20150410_064128

After saying our goodbyes with the family,I went back to SDN Keoen to share the pictures that I took during Rote Mengajar with the teacher. Actually, I was kind of surprise to see that there are computers at the teachers room. I was glad that at least, even though Rote was quite a remote area, the teachers were equipped with good technology to support their work.


Surprise….surprise….Sinto the policeman came again to the school to spend some time with the children. Another surprise was, Mr Bolla the headmaster, gave us souvenirs. I received another beautiful woven Rote’s shawl that morning. Thank you SDN Keoen!


After that we spent time watching the children playing with marbles. It was a very sunny day. Lots of them prefer to sit around the big tree at the school yard instead of running around under the sun.

DSCF2357 20150410_083428 20150410_083609

Around 8 AM, Mr Malesi took me with his motorcycle to the pickup point where I would met the other volunteers to continue our journey to Baa, On the way there, I asked him to stop to record these amazing vistas of Keoen.


At the meeting point, we were picked up by the Navy’s truck. It was an enjoyable journey and we took this picture before the truck took off to Baa.


On the way to Baa, we saw a beautiful beach with sparkling emerald water so we begged the driver to stop there for a while.

20150410_110013 20150410_10571820150410_10574020150410_110156

The sun was scorching hot and it wasn’t the perfect condition to take pictures but the place was too beautiful to miss because we didn’t know when we’ll have the time and opportunity to be at that place again.

From that unexpected stop, we were told that the commander at the Naval base in Rote invited us to visit the base. WOW. That was totally unexpected and we gladly let ourselves be kidnapped by the naval officers. Kekekeke….


At the Naval base, we were served with cool drinks and snacks.

DSCF2370 DSCF2371

After that, we took a walk at the cove inside the Naval base. It was around noon and despite the harsh sunlight, we were still eager to take pictures of that beautiful site.

DSCF2381 DSCF2380DSCF2398DSCF2399DSCF2383DSCF2386DSCF2390DSCF2397DSCF2395

Looking at the harsh weather that they have to face every day, I raised my hat to those naval officers at the base. It must be challenging and exhausting. Thank you for being there to keep our country safe.
DSCF2405 DSCF2404 DSCF2403 DSCF2402 DSCF2401When we finally arrived at Baa, we were rushed to take showers and left again for the evaluation evening. It took place at a building inside the government complex with a building that looks like Ti’i Langga, the traditional hat for Rote’s men. The most touching moment that evening was when we were given these hand-written cards made by Rote’s children. It said: thank you for inspiring me. Your welcome my dear!


On our last day in Rote, we had dinner at the Regent’s house. A talented young musician sang & played the Sasando, the traditional string musical instrument of Rote.

20150410_203158 20150410_203227

That night, I stayed with a host family with Poppy, a volunteer from Kupang. Surprisingly, the host family knew Poppy’s family in Kupang. What a small world!


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